Vena Network ICO REVIEW

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Access to capital is the seed of innovation.Start-ups rely on sponsors to turn ideas into products and platforms. The ICO has helped any group of talented entrepreneurs that funding needed to launch a next big thing.

Electronic money has changed the capital, but this is just the beginning.

Currently, payments between currencies are encrypted and in a fixed currency, are mainly carried out through the OTC trading platforms centralized. Most countries do not set a code, which means that the platform can operate without a license and a rule.. Consequently, users of these platforms are always at risk in providing security and financial security, while transactional platforms can adjust prices in transactions to get superganancias. Of course, there is an increase in demand that users can make safely and comfortably.

About Vena Network

Vena network is an open protocol based on blockchain, in which common architecture allows users to write contract terms to define rules for a variety of decentralized financial activities including release property, loans, transactions and so on. Users can hold the copyright and hence the development of a natural market for smart contract templates in Vena Network. Vena ensure that the basic interface can be defined freely and provide a standard smart contract library of debt (loan, credit, mortgage) and Transactions to help users build interactive financial DApps. ) fast, convenient and safe.

The role of Vena network

The main role of the Vena network is to increase the Vena network’sliquidity . Vena nodes can use the Vena SDK to regulate and provide users with comprehensive transaction services including but not limited to loans, property transactions, credit assessments, contract plug-ins, etc. and make a profit by charging fees.


Vena Nodes need to have expertise as well as experience in loan operations and comply with the laws, regulations and policies of their place of business.

Vena nodes are guaranteed to send Vena Token as a guarantee at a certain percentage in the Vena Fund.

  • Vena nodes that are highly liquidated can place orders in the shared liquidity pool, the Vena nodes can share orders and collect fees by promoting transactions and improving liquidity of the delivery network. translate by encouraging the sharing of economic benefits.
  • Secure
    Digital Assets of users are kept in their wallets or locked in smart contracts. Vena nodes do not hold the user’s digital assets, thus avoiding the ethical risk of running the platform. At the same time, it also significantly reduces the safety costs required for asset deposits for the node.

The Vena network incorporates several roles for building protocols that can be enabled p2p lending.

To ensure that p2p lending can function, it is imperative that those with important roles in the network have a stake in the success of the platform. Moreover, the lending markets are complex and the everyday person cannot sustain the constant proper analysis needed to maintain a successful debt market. Thus, Vena Network utilizes its own form of a delegated proof of stake for those who intend to manage the loans. This process is handled by Vena Nodes.

Vena Nodes exist as the market-makers. They not only manage the loans, but also provide liquidity in the network. They can even enable transactions, credit evaluations, contract plug-ins, and more.

Vena Nodes are verified participants that must provide proof of knowledge. They must be experienced with the debt markets: having a valid understanding of laws and debt functionalities is a base requirement

Business model of Vena Network

Vena Network is an open source project to fill the gap of e-money ecosystems instead of a company. Vena Foundation is a non-profit organization established by the Vena team in Singapore. The purpose of the Vena Foundation is to ensure the sustainability of the Vena project, the effectiveness of decentralized governance, the safety and transparency of capital mobilization, and the development and Support for start-up businesses based on the Vena Protocol.

To promote the healthy development of the Vena Network, a comprehensive incentive mechanism was established by the Vena Fund, which essentially included:

  • The Vena Button acting as an Appraiser or Answeree should be reviewed and approved and committed to a certain amount of Vena Tokens to the Vena Fund as a deposit, and the node may make a profit by charge.
  • The jury must be reviewed and approved and commit a certain amount of Vena Tokens to the Vena Fund as a deposit. At the end of each arbitration, judges who make reasonable judgments will receive a reward for the token and judges who make an unreasonable judgment will lose information (see 5.2.3 for details).
  • Users get 50% discount when using VENA Tokens to pay the fee.

Distribute the token

The total amount of VENA Token is 1 billion. And the cards for teams, mentors, private sellers, community fundraising sales, platforms and incentive pools will be distributed by smart contracts as follows:

Roadmap of the project

  • 2018. Q2: Release white paper, verify product concept and launch development, launch global operations, including China, Australia, Canada, Russia and United States.
  • 2018. Q3: Start IEO or DAICO, launch Vena Token Exchange, open Agent Application.
  • 2018. Q4: Open source SD book on github, run test of the official exchange, launch Luoshu product 1.0, resolve the first agent.
  • 2019. Q1: Release of Luoshu Product 1.1, complete ecosystem development and open city partner program (introducing more than 20 agents).
  • 2019. Q2: Luoshu 2.0 release, promoting global business growth, introduced more than 50 dealers.

To sum up, Vena Network is introducing blockchain to the debt markets and is effectively offering the means to decentralize this portion of the debt markets. It forces its decision-making participants to stake VENA tokens in order to participate, and this ensures the VENA DAO can function without a centralized authority forcing order.

Vena Network is about to being the benefits of decentralization (and blockchain) to the debt markets.






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